Infiniti Q60 – a sports coupé designed and engineered to perform

//Infiniti Q60 – a sports coupé designed and engineered to perform

The flowing proportions and lines are unmistakably Infiniti. The company describes the design as having “daring proportions” and “taut, muscular lines provide the Q60’s impulsive exterior”. Sounds beautiful.

The Infiniti Q60 coupé is the production version of the Q60 Concept shown a year ago, expectedly with toned-down design lines, but staying true to the curved body and that pronounced flick in the rear side window bright trim. Zoom in and you will notice subtle design tricks like the fanned ribs in the rear bumper corners (rather than the usual parallel ribs).

Juxtaposed against the dilapidated “gas station” backdrop in the American desert, the Q60 coupé’s flowing lines project well.

3.0t is new V6 turbo

The brand’s experience with V6 engines is entering its next phase – now with twin-turbo, the new VR30 powertrain has been developed to empower the driver, offering a 375hp output (about 280kW) at 6400 smooth revs, and turbo torque of 400Nm all the way from 1600 to 5200 r/min. This is much better than the outgoing car’s 3.7-litre non-turbo 235kW at 7000 and 360Nm at a rather too-high peak of 5200.

The 3.0t is also claimed to sport one of the best power:efficiency ratios in the sports coupé class. Badged 3.0t on the front fenders of the Q60, the new engine V6 turbo finally brings Infiniti’s coupé in line with competing coupé models using 3.0-litre 6-cylinder turbo engines, like the just-released BMW 440i coupé (beating its 240kW power but not its 450Nm torque) and the upcoming Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe (270kW, and the strongest in this group 520Nm).

The 2.0 turbo engine familiar from the Infiniti Q50 will also be available in the Q60 coupé, with 155kW/350Nm and rear-wheel drive.

Now that the Lexus RC-F high-performance 5.0 V8 coupé exists, will there be a similar Infiniti Q60 coupé in the pipeline to take on its arch-rival, Lexus?

AWD, digital suspension and adaptive steering

The Infiniti Q60 with 3.0t engine is linked to a rear-biased intelligent All Wheel Drive (AWD) system.

DDS (Dynamic Digital Suspension) means electronic damper control, designed for best-in-class handling responses and agility, and enhanced ride comfort.

Direct Adaptive Steering enters its 2nd generation, with higher levels of steering feel and feedback in the new Q60.

Other high-tech highlights include Active Noise Cancellation and the Infiniti InTuition central control system.

Important role

Well accepted in the USA, in SA the Infiniti we see on the roads are mostly the Q50 sedan and QX70 SUV. The current Infiniti Q60 has been available in South Africa for a few years, in both coupé and cabrio (Infiniti actually calls it “cabrio”) though remain a very rare sight.

The new Infiniti Q60 coupé is designed and engineered to perform, so it will play an important role in the Infiniti brand’s global growth, and to re-ignite its presence in the premium sports coupé segment.